Man-O-War: From Shipwreck to Boat Building Capital


My island has a rich colorful history. It is a history filled with adventure, interesting stories, dramatic experiences that will captivate the mind of you, the reader. My main objective in writing this book is so this, along with others that have been written, will document Abaco’s history in a way that it will be preserved for generations. Man-O-War Cay is a special place. May you too while reading these pages, develop an understanding of my deep loyalty to the island I call home. May you also feel a sense of connectivity to Man-O-War Cay and get a keen understanding why this special community is, as I would say, ‘one like no other’. 6×9 288pp 9780932265708

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Primarily Educated at Man-O-War’s All-Age School, Jeremy went on to finish his studies at a private school on the island. Since 2005, he has served on the Hope Town District Council. In 2006, he was elected by his peers to preside over the Council as the Chief Councillor/Mayor of the district. As of 2019, he still hold this position.


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